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Convert Cold Prospects Into Paying Customers

Not Just A Chatbot But So Much More 

The Most Advanced Chatbot Software On The Market

Chatammo is a chat bot app that enables businesses to automate all their processes through a conversational interface with no programming required.

Chatammo takes over hundreds of tasks including social media marketing, customer support, marketing and sales with minimal any human involvement or setting up to create automated bots for these things.

Instead of manually doing all this work we've given you this little sliver of time back. To just embrace it! Product

Chatammo breaks down barriers by connecting business managers working in different time zones so they can talk live as if across office doors and never worry about losing conversations because communication comes automatically recorded on the mobile device.

It also has the ability to transfer your entire list so you don't have to worry about rebuilding a list with a new chatbot.

Chatbot Comparison - which is the best chatbot
Facebook automation

Facebook Automation

Imagine never having to worry about setting a post, leaving your computer unattended, or even seeing that one negative comment ever again.

Take a moment and let us do the thinking for you. We'll schedule posts so you don't have to think about it, reply to comments so we can take them off your hands while you work on other projects. Slow down and allow our app to handle all of those pesky little details-we're here for you!

Instagram Automation

You've heard of insta ʾgram automation.

Has it been successful? That's a big fat nope! It doesn't beat the algorithm, as you know by now, and your eyes have already glazed over from scrolling through spammy posts for hours on end. We feel ya!

Don't let your Instagram be like everyone else's - with instagram Automation, giving up is NOT an option. If you're looking for real engagement that plays well with the algorithms then we have it right here.

Three Instagram tools that other chatbot platforms can only dream of and more coming very soon

Finally a real way to monazite Instagram for yourself and your clients 

Instagram Automation
Twitter automation
Linkedin automation
Reddit Automation
Blogger Automation
Wordpress automation

So you’ve created a sweet new post for all your social media channels.

Now, what do you have to do? Edit it over and again? Post on every channel at the same time with hours of wasted time logging in and out messaging all the services separately? NO!

Just autopost by selecting your preferred social networks from the drop-down menu.

Your copy is automatically formatted into posts that can be scheduled anywhere from right away down to 30 days later.

So, free up some time and get your messages posted across Linkedin, Twitter, WordPress, Reddit, Blogger or Medium.

Digital Marketing Training

Complete Digital Marketing Training

Why spend your time looking for the answers on how to be successful in digital marketing when we can help you out?

With our years of experience, you could spend less time guessing and more time actually being successful.

We believe in community

Do you hope to join a community of likeminded marketers? Our team consists of digital marketing professionals who have all been at the top of their field in some way or another. We share resources and success stories with each other, while adding new content daily that is sure to help take your business into the next level. Come see why they are so successful!

Email Opt-In Form Builder

These days, it can be hard to tell people exactly what the internet is. We wanted to make it easy for you - create an online community with our email opt-in form builder and start getting like-minded leads today!

Emailopt in form builder from your chatbot

11 integrated payment platforms  50+ currencies accepted globally

Paypal payments
stripe payments
instamojo payments

Designed for you to make money worldwide

All your bases are covered when it comes to payments. We give you 11 different options for platforms with which to monetize while also allowing for cash on delivery and custom payment methods.

Take Your Sales To Your Customers

• Mobile food ordering app and menu for restaurants

• Faster than waiters/waitresses

- order at your own pace

• Prevents paper wastage as it's all electronic

• Pro-environmental friendly

• Digital and physical products

• Set business hours for bricks and mortar stores

• Change appearance to match your brand

• Custom categories

• Custom attributes

• Easy to add products

• Sell without being logged into Facebook

• Complete order tracking

• Set up QR codes to make finding your store easier

• Delivery points can be easily set up (eg different restaurant table ordering)

• Discount codes can be applied

• Complete customer list for retargeting

• Track all orders

• Improved reviews

Import your page inbox to subscribers

Turn Page DM's Into Subscribers

Sending out engaging messages to your online followers is what every savvy online marketer wants to do.

It's much easier to convert followers when they are already on your list as opposed to going through Facebook and collecting email addresses one by one, right?

That's why we have developed the import subscribers function! This new feature allows you to import your contacts that don't exist on our system yet so they can be added to the mailing list

Ready Made Chat Templates 

Instead of spending so much time building chatbot templates from scratch, use our templates which have most industries and niches covered.

This not only saves you a lot of time but ensures that your chatbots will be engaging to the client as they pertain to their industry or niche.

Don't wait any longer, let us prompt you with awesome chatbot templates now!

Ready made chatbot flows to increase revenue

Become Omnipresent - Building And Selling Your Lists Over All Platforms

Active campaign to chatbot
Sendinblue to chatbot
mailchimp to chatbot
mautic to chatbot
acelle mail to chatbot

We don't want you to be wasting time setting up zapier to have to use your favourite autoresponder instead we've built email integration straight into our chatbot.


Is your team wasting hours on email? Get the most out of potential customers with our SMS integration services! And unlike other chatbots we don't charge you a premium.

Broadcasting and secencing

Complete Broadcasting And Sequencing

Have you ever wanted to blast all of your other social media out to someone, but don't have enough time to do it manually?

Broadcast and sequence will automatically send all of your broadcasts and sequences from our platform across messenger, sms and email.

Imagine getting everything--the latest posts for business or personal use alike—in one easy place that updates as fast (or slow) as you want!

Messenger Marketing On Your Website

Your website is blocked up with all the messages in your inbox; time flies and that's a shame!

You're looking for a way to organize, automate, and take care of those messy pesky customers?..well look no further!

With our Chatbot you'll be able to field customer inquiries as they happen! Simply use our bot only service pack: 1-click installation and benefit from our chatbot 24/7

Website chatbot intergration
Qr Codes that convert physical sightings to digital buyers

Turn Physical Viewers Into Digital Buyers

  • No more trying to take down tricky phone numbers
  • Build your list of interested buyers
  • They're easy to create and can be used on any device
  • Bring your prospects into a custom made chat that will answer their concerns and give you quantified leads

    Get more sales in less time with our qr codes!

Easier Ordering Equals More Sales

Use every aspect of your business as an opportunity to sell, Or Qr codes brings your browsers into your remarking system.

From restaurants to e-commerce make sure your customers can get to your store easily and quickly, without haveing to search

Qr Codes For Restaurants
Connecting To Secure Payment Server...

Payment Options To Suit Every Business

Our success depends on your success thats why we have made our chatbots affordable for any business, and thats why we have unlimited subscribers across all of our plans

Our Base Plan

Starting with a 7 day trial for $1 our base plan is perfect for the smaller business who wants to use our chatbot for their own business. And at only $27 per month represents huge savings for your business

With 3 pages unlimited subscribers and every feature this plan is just about perfect when starting out, or if you have a smaller amount of things you would like to achieve.

This plan also comes with three e-commerce stores, but only one payee

The Unlimited Page Plan

Starting with a 7 day trial for $1 our Unlimited plan we give you an unlimited amount of facebook pages and unlimited subscribers. Moving up to $47 per month after your trail.

This is the perfect plan for the entrepreneur who is looking to run an agency or wants many chatbots to enhance their business

This includes everything as before but with the power to extend your business whenever you would like

This Plan comes with unlimited e-commerce stores but only one payee

The E-com Package

Starting with a 7 day trial for $1 our E-Com package plan we give you an unlimited amount of facebook pages and unlimited subscribers. Moving up to $97 per month after your trail.

However this plan also comes with 20 additional fully featured pages and 20 additional payees per account, meaning you can go out and sell the entire e-commerce and chatbot packages, as an agent or running your own businesses 

This plan comes with 20 E-commerce stores and 20 payees

Our White Label Agency Plan

Wanting to add chatbots as an agency service, we are now offering custom builds and management, where we will go into a partnership deal with you.

Getting you 9 years or expertise from ourselves and you charging out our services as your own